taranto sotterranea

Taranto, cradle of the ancient Magna Grecia, it still has the remains of the different populations that have followed in its history. It is famous for its beautiful National Archaeological Museum, MARTA, one of the most important around the world, it is also known for its suggestive catacombs and the various archaeological sites in different parts of the city and its province.

Place of interest:

  • Hypogaeum Bellacicco (called Spartan)
  • The old village
  • Domenico’ Church
  • Cataldo’s Cathedral
  • the archaeological site of Largo St. Martin
  • Necropolis area of Via Marche
  • Crypt of the Redeemer
  • Hypogeum delli Ponti of Via di Mezzo
  • Tomb Chamber of Pio XII Square
  • Tomb in four rooms of Via Pasubio
  • Tomb of Athletes
  • Greek-Roman aqueduct r
  • The archaeological site of Saturo
  • Aragonese Castle